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Argentina is the best destination in the world to live and work. If you are a digital nomad, and you are looking for your next adventure, Argentina offers benefits tailored to your needs so that you can have amazing experiences.

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Why Argentina?

Are you ready to visit Argentina?

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Information obtained from Numbeo.

Gourmet lunch, with drink and dessert (may include dulce de leche!)

A pint of craft beer (Patagonian flavours)

Specialty coffee

City tour by public transport

Monthly high-speed internet connection

3D films with lots of popcorn

Monthly studio rental in the heart of a vibrant city

A bottle of quality Malbec wine


If you stay in Argentina for more than thirty days, we will give you a Gift Card that you can redeem for tourist, gastronomic, and wellness experiences, among others. Enter your information here!

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What is a digital nomad?
Digital nomads are people with a high human capital profile, who work remotely. The growing trend of workers who chose to live as digital nomads has increased after the pandemic upon reconsidering and valuing the lifestyle that integrates work and enjoyment.
Do I need a visa to stay in Argentina?
You can stay in Argentina for 90 calendar days upon your arrival without doing any paperwork. If your three-month stay is finished, and you wish to stay longer, you can apply for a special visa for Digital Nomads on the Ministry of the Interior website.
Do I have to pay taxes in Argentina?
No. Digital nomads working remotely are not subject to paying local taxes as long as they do not do any work for Argentina.
What kind of jobs can I do while staying in Argentina?
Any job you can perform remotely for your country's market or another market, provided that it is not for the Argentinian market and/or for an Argentinian employer. That is to say, you are employed by or perform a job through the technology of communication for, a company, or your own company, not registered in Argentina and not performing any work for or providing services to employers (legal or natural persons) in Argentina. If you want to work locally, you have to apply for a work and residence permit in the country.
What language is spoken in Argentina?
The official language of Argentina is Spanish, which is spoken throughout the national territory. English is also spoken very fluently in the major cities.
Where can I find information and recommendations about things to do in Argentina?